Authentic Ayurvedic


for all dieases


Full Body Treatment with Warm Oil This treatment promotes general health, mental alertness, and relaxation. It involves massaging warm oil on the entire body, focusing on Marma points to dissolve blockages and improve well-being.


Herbal Powder Treatment A deep dry massage using herbal powders warms up the body and is effective for cellulitis, weight management, fat burning, and body shaping.


Herbal Bath Treatment This sweat-inducing treatment uses therapeutic compresses filled with Ayurvedic plants and powders cooked in medicinal oil. It’s excellent for pain relief, swelling, stiffness, and more.


Warm Oil Dripped into the Forehead This calming treatment is great for stress relief, insomnia, neurological issues, tinnitus, and more. Warm oil is gently dripped onto specific areas of the head to calm the central nervous system.

Pada Hasta Abhyanga

Partial Treatment of Foot and Palms Stimulating the reflex zones of the palms and soles improves vital functions, calms painful joints, and reduces edema.

Shiro-Muka Abhyanga

Partial Treatment of Head and Face This treatment stimulates blood circulation, enhances brain function, and improves hair health. It’s also effective for insomnia.


Topical Treatment of the Cavity and Nose This procedure eliminates toxins from the head and neck and is recommended for headaches, sinusitis, and more.

Kati Vasti

Partial Lumbar Treatment An effective treatment for spine, waist, and sacrum pain, including conditions like sciatica, arthritis, and lumbago.

Uro Vasti

Partial Topical Treatment of the Chest Effective for respiratory and cardiovascular issues, this treatment involves massaging the chest area with warm camphor oil.

Griva Vasti

Neck Treatment Essential for neck-related issues such as spondylosis, chronic neck pain, and stiffness.

Janu Vasti

Partial Treatment of the Knee Joint Beneficial for knee joint problems, this treatment helps reduce pain and improve joint health.

Tarpan Netra

Eye Treatment with Ghee (Refined Butter) This cleansing therapy is effective for various eye conditions, including dryness, redness, and vision issues.


This is an Ayurvedic sweat-inducing treatment using a therapeutic compress. Sweating is provided by cotton bags filled with Ayurvedic plants and powders cooked in medicinal oil. The warmed bags are continuously dipped into the warm oil and gently tapped onto parts of the body.


A remedy for painful joints, this treatment combines multiple techniques, including massage, bath treatments, topical heating with healing oil, and wraps.


Herbal Steam Bath This powerful detoxification procedure encourages the body to sweat out toxins, enhancing the effects of other treatments.

Bone Alignment Therapy

Bone alignment Therapy or Chiropractic therapy is used to relieve discomfort and reduce pain. The focus is on the spine and how it affects our body.

Post Isometric Relaxation

PIR (Back and Shoulder Adjustment) This treatment focuses on the entire back, relieving pain and tension in the neck and shoulder areas using various techniques, including cupping therapy.

Light Chiropractic

We combine light chiropractic with ayurveda, to warm and relax the muscles. With this method, we can help with muscle stiffness and hardening, clumping, pinched nerves, lumbago, sciatica, cervical spine issues, shoulder pain, fatigue, headache, scoliosis, and limping.we can permanently eliminate the source of the pain.

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