Treatments to tone muscles, invigorate the body, calm the mind, and improve skin complexion. Rejuvenation Therapy, is often considered synonymous with rebirth, for it completely revitalizes the body, eliminating the ill-effects of all previous disorders. Its cleansing effect gives a second lease of life by completely decontaminating the body, mind and spirit.


A purifying treatment with five major procedures that help eliminate toxins and rejuvenate your entire being. The Pancha (Five) Karma (Action) approach to disease prevention is a combination of five tried-and-tested treatment techniques that revitalizes patients by restoring their physical and mental equilibrium.

Body Immunization Package

Focuses on rejuvenating remedies to transform your body tissue and counteract negative influences. Getting older and still not aging: With the Body Immunisation Package we come very close to this wish. The focus is on the knowledge of the Rasayanas. These are primarily rejuvenating remedies. The treatment leads to a transformation of the body tissue (dhatus) and counteracts negative influences.

Beauty Care Treatment

Traditional herbal treatments to enhance your inner and outer beauty. Ayurvedic Beauty treatment in kerala deals with overall wellbeing of the body, which includes skin care, hair growth, eye sight, hands and nail care. Ayurvedic beauty treatment also depends on freeing body from impurities, optimum nutrition to body and balance of three doshas( Vata, Pitta & Kapha) the governing energies of the body.

Weight Reduction

A comprehensive program to reduce excess body fat, correct metabolism, and clear the bodys channels. To lose excess body fat, we recommend diet and lifestyle practices that reduce kapha in our bodies. Kapha is essential for strength, stability, protection and immunity, however it is important to avoid excess kapha as it can quickly lead to weight gain.

Post Delivery Care

Post-delivery care, known as sutika paricharya in Ayurveda, is crucial for ensuring the well-being of both mother and baby during the puerperal period (up to 6 weeks after childbirth). It focuses on restoring the mother’s health, promoting infant feeding, and offering emotional support. Our packages encompass massages, herbal baths, abdominal binding, dietary guidance, baby care, and more.

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